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Compared with the history of the blues it´s a very short period, in which this type of music has achieved influence on the cultural life in the Gaildorf area. The history of the Gaildorf bluesfestival goes back to the seventies of the last century and is connected to a lot of famous names - Great bluesmen and blueswomen from the States and from the European continent meet each other every year here in Gaildorf - at least every other year, when we´re arranging our great bluesfestival. They´ve made the Gaildorf Bluesfestival a Mekka in the region of Southern Germany.

Many big bluesfestivals all over the world meanwhile are arranged by organizations and local governments that can count on a staff of paid people. Although all the organization and work for the Gaildorf Bluesfestival is on a complete voluntary basis, we don´t have stand back behind these festivals. It´s good to know that during the recent years we could trust in a crew which did and still does the whole organization work in their leisure time.

We´d like to invite you to take part in our coming bluesfestival in summer of 2024 (12th & 13th of July) turning our Kocher river into Mississippi!
And if you got to know the Gaildorf Bluesfestival through this website please let us know somehow, e.g. by writing us an email.

See you at the Gaildorf Bluesfestival!
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